Supporting a new local charitable organisation.


Supporting a new local charitable organisation.

Keeping homeless warm this winter, remember the name! A newly formed charitable organisation set up in Leeds. Their objective,well it’s simple! They have an aim to provide homeless people around Leeds city centre with warm clothing & essential items to battle their way through the cold nights this winter. Thomas Minns the founder of the organisation personally provides & delivers “packs” which contain essential items such as “hats, gloves, snacks, socks, gloves, water bottles, wet wipes, drawstring bags, lip balm & many other items just to name a few. Keith Lomas Fabrication were delighted to hear about such a great idea & proudly donated £100. We are helping homeless warm this winter & we hope many other people will follow.

Together we can make a difference & all donations small or large will go a long way! Please head over to their facebook page to find out more info.

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